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Cult Mediation - Joseph Kelly/Patrick Ryan

Offers resources designed to help thoughtful families and friends understand and respond to the complexity of a loved one’s cult involvement.

However, because each case should be assessed individually, we can more effectively advise you on what resources to concentrate on, if we know a bit about your situation.
We provide a Free Initial Evaluation - thirty-minute telephone consultation after reviewing your Background Information for Case Evaluation form and signed Release.

Our philosophy

·         Each person is unique

·         Each group, cult, new religious movement, and relationship are different

·         Groups, cults, new religious movements, and relationships change over time and can vary from place to place

·         People respond to the same group differently

·         To be useful, information about a group or cult must be accurate and relevant

·         Information without understanding can negatively affect a relationship

·         Understanding takes time and effort


Based upon our philosophy and the needs of those whom we serve, we provide:


·         a vast library of quality information related to cults, cult group abusive relationships, cult interventions, group mediation, religious mediation

·         perspectives on how to evaluate and use information effectively

·         and the opportunity to network with families, former group members, helping professionals, researchers, and others interested in this field

·         case assessments

·        case preparation

·         mediations/interventions



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