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The following is a helpful list of questions to aid you in assessing your situation:


         Is the person in a controversial group?

         What evidence do you have that the person is in the group?

         What evidence do you have to show the person is more than a casual member?

         Do you consider the group to be benign, high demand or destructive?

         Do you have information/documentation to support your views?

         How is the personís group involvement adversely affecting their life?

         Who sees the adverse effects of group membership on the person, other than yourself?

         What is the quality of your interpersonal relationship with the group member?

         Does the person have a weak or strong bond with the family?

         Is there a stable family environment?

         Are you emotionally prepared for the possible ramifications of an intervention?

         Are you prepared for all possible outcomes of an intervention?

         Were there signs of mental illness, or adjustment problems before joining the group? Has this changed?

         Are there resources available if the member decides to sever their ties to the group?

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